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Discover Your Soul's True Nature and Purpose with Divination and Quantum Alignment.

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What is DNA?

DNA or Divine Nation Ascension is a divination - reading based process designed to assist you in:

  1. Overcoming challenges you may be experiencing in knowing or remembering your soul's true nature and purpose
  2. Becoming fully self expressed
  3. Discovering what your soul blueprint looks like

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If you were to die tomorrow, would you congratulate yourself for a life well lived?

The DNA focus

Soul Blueprint & Purpose

There is something you came to do in this lifetime as part of your soul blueprint, This 'something', is your soul's purpose and involves the expression of your true nature. You can easily measure how 'good' something is for you by the level of joy you feel at a heart level, together with excitement you feel in your gut towards that thing.


Most of us know what we want to do - at least at a subconscious level. However we can find ourselves challenged when it comes to taking the steps required to pursuit our passion. There is an 'easier way' through though, using the 'quantum field to create a path towards whatever our vision is.

Full Self Expression

In the life you love, on your highest timeline you are fully, effortlessly and joy-fully expressing your soul blueprint, your true nature.

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The life you love is your highest timeline.

And your highest timeline is the life you love.

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Maraea has a gift that she is using in the best possible way. Using cards she is able to give you insight into your life’s questions; drawing your attention to things you need to hear or see. I had five sessions with her which delved deep into belief systems about myself. The most important being that I need to have the guts and the courage to sit on my own throne - I am worthy.

Carien S. | Reiki Practitioner

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the art of being

A masterclass in breaking through limitation

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Are you a creative struggling to find your flow
Odd Man Out
Does the world consider you neurodivergent

Do others consider you to be "neurodivergent"? I can give you tools I used to transcend the symptoms of my conditions and find freedom in the full expression of being.

Are you a creative struggling to find your flow or with no one to share you work with? I can give you the tools to step into the space where your dreams are made reality. The hurdles you face? Let’s smash them.

Are you ready to break through all your limitations, obliterate the labels of society and embrace your true authentic purpose and expression?

Let me give you the tools that gave me my break-through!

Click Here to Register & Reserve Your Free Seat! There are limited seats available!

You will also have the opportunity to work directly with me every week in my live 3 month group Masterclass to Master Your Art of Being!

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I had the most amazing reading from Maraea. I had 5 questions and all the questions were answered by the cards that Maraea pulled. She was beautifully guided by her guides and my higher self. Thank you Maraea, I will definitely recommend you to everyone.

Gerrit B. | Reiki Practitioner

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From the moment I saw one of Maraea’s videos on TikTok, it would be like the Universe telling me to stop and just listen. I would pause everything I was doing and it felt like what ever she was going to say would help me instantly in what I was meant to hear in that moment. Doing a 5 week Divination coaching program with her was life changing, she created such a safe space to unpack what I needed to see and brought such clear insights to how I could shift my perspective on questions I had, using her techniques and advice with her incredible knowledge while she connected with my Source Self and creating a picture with all her beautiful decks, she helped me to shift my perspective in to knowing the next steps with full confidence and joy into living a life I love. Thank you Maraea, you are incredible!!

L Leodolff | Quantum Shift Exploration Facilitator

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